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National Trails System Map and Guide

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Calling all hikers! If you've trodden the trails at any national parks, no doubt you've come across paths of varying lengths: two miles here, five miles there, maybe even 10 miles. Those are just a drop in the bucket, though, compared to the vast system of national trails in the United States. Whether you venture out on the Appalachian National Scenic Trail or the Trail of Tears National Historic trail, you'll be met with the sheer vastness of the trail system.

This folding map shows the locations of both national scenic trails and national historic trails marked in color on a map of the United States. With brief details about the specific trails on the reverse side, this is a handy resource for any hiker. Use this practical tool to plot your next path.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: Unfolded—23½'' W x 16⅝'' H
    Folded—4'' W x 8¼'' H
  • Trails marked in color
  • Includes color photos and illustrations
  • ISBN: 9780912627830

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National Trail Systems Map and Guide, 24th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Thomas Baker

I love maps and this map was no exception. It showed all the trails together and information about the trails on the back. It also showed National Park Sites where you can get the passport stamps. I have gotten some of the trail stamps. I have been on the Trail of Tears and the Appalachian Trail, part of it on both. It is easy to follow the trails. I am not sure if all of them are marked on the road. The trail of teals seemed hard to follow but not the Appalachian Trail.

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VLohn, 17th Nov 2018

Reviewer: Victor Lohn

Very informative

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Love this map, 16th Nov 2018

Reviewer: Brian Rock

I really love this map, it was surprising to see so many long distance trails. The details and information are very informative.

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Nice detailed map, 24th Jan 2018

Reviewer: Larry Carter

The map is very detailed with lots of information on the reverse side. The size is great for travelers. The different colors for the various trails makes it very easy to follow. I personally like to mount maps and pin my travels. This map, for me, would have been better if it had been rolled rather than folded. A larger size would be better as well. For me the ideal National Trails map would be included on the National Park system map. One of the good aspects of this map is that it does show the Park sites each trail travels through or near which provides you the opportunity to get the passport stamp for it.

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