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Cumberland Gap National Historical Park Hiking Stick Medallion

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Although buffalo had made a crude trail in the Cumberland Gap before the arrival of European settlers, Daniel Boone created a 200-mile trail through the Gap in 1775. First known as Boone Trace and later as the Wilderness Road, it made it possible for easterners to travel to the West.

Today, you won't need to blaze any new trails when you visit Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, but this hiking stick medallion will remind you of the efforts, like those of Daniel Boone, that led to the trails of today. This hiking medallion's illustration of an early pioneer all in black against a colorful wilderness background is a fitting tribute to those trailblazers of yore.

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  • Dimensions: 1 3/4'' W x 1 3/8'' H
  • Includes 3 nails
  • Designed and finished in the USA


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Cumberland Gap Hiking Stick Medallion, 24th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Thomas Baker

This is a beautiful hiking stick medallion. It represents the three states that you see up three, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia. The man with a rifle in the mountains with the sun in the background is just lovely. It is a nice addition to my collection of medallions.

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