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Abraham Lincoln Stovepipe Hat Quote Pin

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''The best thing about the future is that it comes one day at a time.''

America's 16th president had plenty of wisdom to share during his time, and much of it still rings true today. Keep this inspiring quote from Honest Abe close to your heart when you affix this collector's quality lapel pin to yout jacket or coat. The iconic stovepipe hat will let everyone know who said these words, even if they aren't able to decipher Mr. Lincoln's signature, which appears just above the brim.

Product Details

  • Approximately 1'' x 1.25''
  • Rubber backing for safety and comfort
  • Designed and finished in the USA

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Lincoln Stovepipe Hat, 13th Aug 2018

Reviewer: Susan A. Dalaba

Absolutely love the quote. Applicable then, applicable now! It would be great if NPS offered a belt to put pins on that could be hung or some other type of pin holder that can be displayed.

Susan (Upstate NY)

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