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Night Sky Guide

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Maps to the stars! Orion! Ursa Major! Hercules! Cassiopeia! Constellations change their relative position in the sky as each season passes. Finding your way in a clear dark sky is different in October than it is in July. If you want to spot your favorite starlight figures any time of the year it's important to have a good field guide in hand.

Get your night sky bearings with this handy Night Sky Guide. This laminated, folded guide fits in your back pocket and will show you how to find common constellations any time of year. It also includes a moon map to help you make sense of the visible lunar landscape. Have one on your next night hike in a national park!

Product Details

  • Laminated
  • Dew Proof
  • Front and back
  • 4 1/4'' x  9 1/4'' folded
  • 24 3/4'' x 9 1/4'' fully open


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