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The Battle of Stones River, a major conflict in the Civil War, raged near Murfreesboro, Tennessee, from December 31, 1862, to January 2, 1863. Of more than 81,000 soldiers who fought in the battle, over 23,000 were killed, wounded, or captured. The Union claimed victory, capturing most of middle Tennessee, boosting Northern morale, and adding muscle to President Abraham Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation.

Men of Hazen's Brigade built a monument after the battle, and it remains the oldest intact Civil War monument.

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  • Magnet measures 2 3/8''W x 3 1/8''H
  • Patch measures 2 5/8''W x 3 3/8''H
  • Pin measures 7/8''W x 1 1/4''H

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