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Cowpens Battlefield William Washington Patch

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"Where is now the boasting Tarleton?!" Colonel William Washington called out as he engaged the British general in saber combat. The American forces, lead by the brilliant Daniel Morgan, had just inflicted devastating punishment on the attacking British forces and Washington was dead-set on capturing the fleeing Tarleton.

A British officer approached to attack Williams, but was stopped by an African-American trumpeter under Washington’s command. That heroic trumpeter’s name has unfortunately been lost to history.

This blue and silver-white patch, embroidered with the date of the battle, is a representation of an 1845 painting by William Ranney that depicts those events. Intended to celebrate the brilliance of Morgan, the bravery of Washington, and the heroics of that unknown African-American, this patch also helps you support the National Park Service!

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  • Approx 3" x 2.75"


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