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Jack-in-Pulpit Vase (Teal)

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This vase was specially designed for the Jack-in-the-Pulpit flowers that grow wild here at Jamestown.   It gets its common name from its odd flower: a pouch-shaped spathe (pulpit) with an overhanging hood that surrounds a fingerlike central spadix (Jack).  The teal color gives a contemporary flair to this colonial piece. 

All of the Jamestown Glasshouse produced pieces are hand-blown and crafted by local artisans.  Every piece is hand blown and crafted therefore no two items will be exactly the same.

Product Details

  • Dimensions: approximately 5'' tall
  • Wash with only warm water and mild soap
  • Avoid extreme heat - ovens or dishwashers
  • All profits purchase go to the National Parks Service to support parks

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Bright, 26th Jan 2019

Reviewer: Susan Scott

I enjoy the bright color of this vase. Very pretty.

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