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Horseshoe Bend National Military Park Patch

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The Battle of Horseshoe Bend is an important American military conflict that often goes overlooked in history classes. The results of the battle, a definitive victory for the United States, effectively ended the Creek War.

Less than 5 months after the battle, when the Treaty of Fort Jackson was signed, the Creek Nation, including those that fought alongside the Americans, would be forced to cede almost 23 million acres of their land to the United States.

These items celebrate the two military leaders at the Battle of Horseshoe Bend; Andrew Jackson and Menawa. The two commanders are represented facing one another with the Red Stick’s log-and-dirt style fortifications behind them—the same fortifications that Jackson favorably remarked were impossible to top. Behind the fortifications is, of course, the famous horseshoe bend in the Tallapoosa River for which the battle is named.

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