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Lincoln Memorial Laurel Earring & Necklace Set (Purple)

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This stylish necklace and earring set is inspired by the laurels engraved along the Lincoln Memorial’s exterior. For the sake of freedom and equality, Abraham Lincoln endured to preserve our nation’s ideals during the American Civil War. The intricately detailed dangle earrings show heralds a new beginning in the form of a flower blossoming as the Reconstruction era signified a rebirth for America. The matching necklace features a beaded laurel, an elegantly fashionable reminder of the 16th US President and Great Emancipator, Abraham Lincoln.

Celebrate President’s Day and the legacy of Abraham Lincoln with this jewelry accessory from the Civil War Collection. Handcrafted, this jewelry set embodies the grace and dignity of a leader struggling to prevail as one nation founded upon the ideal that all men are created equal.

Product Details

  • The Lincoln Memorial in National Mall preserves America’s ideals of freedom and equality
  • Hypoallergenic earrings and necklace by David Howell & Co exclusively for eParks
  • Earrings and necklace feature glicee with solid brass finish and fire polished glass beads
  • Earrings hang approximately 1.5’' ; Silver chain necklace approximately 18’’
  • Profits support the National Park Service
  • Handmade in the USA

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