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Frequently Asked Questions for Passport To Your National Parks

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Passport To Your National Parks® Program
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Passport Information

Passport To Your National Parks® will help you discover the beauty and history found in America’s national parks. You will gain a greater appreciation of the national park system in America-and you’ll have fun doing it! The Passport book is perfect for planning a trip to visit our national parks, and for saving your memories after you’ve left. The Passport To Your National Parks program consists of Passport books, Junior Ranger Passport, interpretive stamps, and official park cancellations. Proceeds from the Passport program are donated to help protect the parks and educate its visitors. Your support of this program means future generations will enjoy America’s national parks as much as you do today!


Whenever you visit a national park, be sure to get your Passport cancelled. These rubber-stamp ink markings record the name of the park and the date of your visit, just like a real U.S. passport! The cancellations are free of charge and are attained at the park when you visit. A list of the cancellation locations can be found here.

Commemmorative Stamps

Since 1986 a series of collectible Passport stamps is issued every year. The set of 10 stamps (1 national and 9 regional) are contained on one handy sheet. Simply peel off the stamps and place them in the designated areas in your Passport book.

I visited a park, but couldn’t get the cancellation stamp while I was there, how can I get it now?

You may contact the park directly if you need a cancellation stamp from them. In many cases, if you send a piece of paper and self-addressed, stamped envelope, the park will send you the cancellation. We do not have a centralized location that stocks all of the cancellation stamps.

Can I add extra pages to my Passport?

The Passport Explorer Edition (item number 327379) is a binder, so pages may be added to that through the purchase of the Passport Explorer Expander Pack (item number 329184). Unfortunately, extra pages are not available for purchase for the original Passport. It has a spiral binding, so adding extra pages is not possible.

What’s new in the Passport Program?

The Passport Junior Ranger Edition is the newest addition to the Passport To Your National Parks program. Full of colorful and interactive educational content, this book provides ample space for official park cancellations and specially designed Junior Ranger cancellations that kids can earn when they complete a park’s Junior Ranger program.