Passport To Your National Parks® Explorer Edition

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Holding onto those memories of epic adventures and souvenirs of American history and landmarks just became easier with the Passport to Your National Parks® Explorer Edition! Our sturdy, weatherproof portfolio has an inner binder already outfitted with official Passport pages, only bigger, better, and completely up to you to arrange any way you like. Includes a compact mesh compartment to keep your collectibles safe, a photo pocket, pen slot and pen, back inner mesh pocket, a handy shoulder strap, and the official National Park Service map to guide you to your next adventure!

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Product Details

  • Passport to Your National Parks® Explorer by Eastern National  
  • Ships with full-sized map
  • Portfolio binder with 7 rings approximately 11’’ x 8’’
When you participate in the Passport To Your National Parks® program, you help support America’s national parks. All net proceeds from the program are donated to support vital educational and interpretive programs at sites managed by the National Park Service.


Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Wonderful Resource 18th Nov 2022

I enjoy the passport books, etc. and like that the money supports our invaluable park system.

— Lauren Arlaud

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Fantastic hobby 17th Nov 2022

I've been collecting cancellation stamps for many years now, but unfortunately I didn't know about this program when we first started traveling. I use the small books and have added a few additional pages to them. In 2006 I started the Explorer Edition as well. I've started collecting additional park stickers which means more pages! I'm about ready to purchase my second Explorer Edition so I'm able to keep up with it all. Love this program! I use the method of putting all the years in the book in sequence. Then I look up the book I need for each NP that we're visiting. I always try to get atleast one additional cancellation stamp on paper just to be certain I have enough to follow thru with whatever project I may be thinking of doing. I enjoy using the round stickers as it makes it easy to always be prepared for a stamp, It's a great hobby for young and old alike! I wish I would have started earlier. I hope this collection continues for years to come!

— Connie Brumbaugh

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Lots of space! 26th Jul 2022

Me and my family have been visiting national parks for many years, but only recently did I begin working on "getting stamped" with my small size passport. I am thoroughly hooked, but I am running out of space.
So, I ordered this larger Explorer Passport, and I am excited to begin using it. My only dread is having to transfer all of my previous stamps from my smaller book to this book. I haven't done it yet, but it's on my list.
Also, I do like the portability of the smaller size passport book, but I quickly ran out of space, and so I ordered the larger one. Double edged sword I think. But I LOVE LOVE LOVE visiting all the different parks and "getting stamped"!

— Robert Bunn

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Great Maps 13th May 2022

The maps are separated by areas of the country and are awesome! I have already used them in planning trips. This is a great product. Highly recommend.

— Katheryn Walker

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Great way to create memories! 31st Mar 2022

I love the Passport to National Parks Explorer addition. It has room for many stamps, passport cancellations, tokens, and other items. The descriptions and information about each park is great, and the cold out maps make it easy to plan your trips. I look forward to filling every page!

— Kathy Seeley

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Passport Binder Book 4th Jan 2020

I love this book but the problem I have is I am now considering purchasing my third book binder. we have visited a lot of the National Parks and found many of the parks have more than one stamp. Therefore the extra pages come in very hand but also fills up the book quickly. I would suggest making this book with a larger expanding binder some where around 3 or 4 inches. We have also purchased the stamps for every year, but some of the National Parks don't have their stamp published yet so there is another page added to my book. I may have to purchase 4 books one for each region Pacific, Mountain, Midwest, etc. Don't get me wrong I love the book and the stamps!

— Charlotte Thompson

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Nice book 16th Dec 2019

I like that this book is easy to customize and that there is room for more then one stamp next to the cancelation stamp. Only down side is i wanted all cancelation stamps 1986 -2020 in the book so i had to take out all the check lists and park decriptions for all regions to make room for the extra pages

— Janet Vaughn

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Love my Explorer book 3rd Dec 2019

I had been using the smaller passport books for years. When I saw this book I had to get it for the convenience of carrying one book. I took my smaller books and cut out or copied all of my stamps and pasted them into this book. I bought lots of extra pages to have room for all of them. I have now also bought a second Explorer book and divided it into 2 different halves of the country because there wasn’t enough space for all my pages. I have also purchased the extra sticker strips so I can carry them instead of the books then just add them to the book when I get home. I love these books.

— Monica Brown

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Passport to your National Parks Explorer (Book 2) 18th Sep 2019

I have had a Passport to Your National Parks Explorer starting from the beginning. I ordered a second National Parks Explorer because I was run out of room for cancellations in my first National Parks Explorer book because I have added so many expander pages that I could not zip close the Explorer cover. I collect all cancellation stamps and sticker from different locations even though some are not from the National Park Service. I have decide that owning two National Parks Explorer books that I could basically decide the country in half between the two books and still have plenty of room to collect “bonus” cancellation stamps and stickers from places we have visited. I only care one book while travel to the area that we happen to be visiting at the time.

— Roy Schoppert

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LOVE this book!!! 24th Jul 2019

I've been using the smaller passport book for a couple of years but was saddened to run out of space in it so quickly.

I ADORE the option of just taking a page out when visiting a park or bringing the entire binder in. Someone else saw my portfolio and fell in love with it as well!!

To avoid extra shipping cost or running out of pages in an area that I get lots of stamps, I ordered some extra pages at the same time. Makes the adventure so much more fun!!


— Shelli Ray

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Excellent Upgrade From Small Passport Book 8th Jul 2019

This loose leaf - larger - book is an excellent upgrade from the small passport book once you realize you will travel more and get more NPS passport stamps. I love it! Definitely order extra inserts and you'll have enough pages to last many travels.

The small passport book served us well for years. This year we took a big trip and would have filled the small book completely for one region. I ordered this book - high quality; zippers; strap; pockets for extras - and love it. We will not take the actual binder on trips because it's large and heavy, sure to tip way over the airline limit for our luggage. TIP: Get some white mailing labels sheets from an office supply store -> the six labels/sheet work best. Cut several sheets to their individual labels. Sandwich them between cardstock and stick them in a sandwich zip-loc bag. Carry the labels on your trip and stamp passport cancellations on the labels (at least twice, in case one gets blurred). When you get home, cut out the cancellations and stick them to the passport binder page that applies to the region you visited. A nice, lightweight way to carry and acquire passport cancellations and still stick them nicely to the book pages!

— Sylvia Henderson

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Awesome Binder 8th May 2019

I bought 3 of these for my children because they had filled up one region in the little blue passport after going on one trip last year. The binder is wonderful. I love how the binder can be added too with additional sheets of cancellation / stamp papers. The binder also has the shoulder strap too. We are looking forward to filling it up with more stamps and cancellations this summer!

— Tara Liebel

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National Parks Passport Explorer Edition 3rd May 2019

I want to start off by saying I am a bit OCD. That being said I knew that if I started getting passport stamps for the parks I visited that I would want them ALL. So when I started looking at passport books I knew I would need one that was large and expandable. I was thrilled when I received this book. There is not only plenty of room for all the stamps (please know that you will get more than one stamp at each location) but for the stickers as well. I love the intro information in each section highlighting the parks and monuments. The zippered pouch allows me to put pamphlets and postcards out of harms way and within easy reach. I am looking forward to many adventures in America's National Parks!

— Danielle Dodwell

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Passport Binder 2nd Apr 2019

I just bought this binder as I am hoping to visit and revisit many parks in the near future as well as years to come. This just arrived and I have already filled it up with colored pens and pencils, maps, note paper and my laminated park pass. I have some of the park stamp sets but haven't put them in the binder yet. I am deciding if I should place them inside now or wait until I get to the parks and see how many will fit into the binder. I like how I can add pages. Quality made and so neat. I also received a National Park tote bag as a free gift. My only worry is the zipper you must be so careful zipping up the binder when it is filled with items once broken I don't know how it could be repaired.Wish there was more space for more stamp sets. Love the binder but it does get heavy if you place a lot of items inside. I also carry my Lighthouse passport book and maps in it too. Grateful for the shoulder strap and park tote bag.I need to buy a lot of the yearly collection not sure if all stamps would fit in this binder.

— Pamela Hughes

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Needed a second Passport Binder! 23rd Jan 2019

I really enjoy my binder and looking to see what locations are close to where I might be traveling. I have had my binder for about 7 years and purchase extra sheets when I have to add more stamps. I am probably too particular, but I like to have the pages with squares for the stamps so I add expander packs. I bought the second binder to put 1/2 of the areas in each one.

— Kathleen Kloft

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Holds it all 15th Dec 2018

Much bigger than I expected. Has room for stamped pages, pen, extra items. Even room for a map. Nice zippered case. Present for my son who is a travel writer/photographer. He visits lots of parks and was just using the passport booklet. Hope he enjoys this one.

— Sharon Barnette

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A Wonderful Way to Gather Memories 5th Sep 2018

We purchased the original passport in 1991. We purchased this Explorer Edition in 2009. It is one big all-encompassing book that holds not only your cancellation stamps but your region and national stamps with places for pens, phone, brochures and anything else you need for your adventure.

— Henry Stanco

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Explorer 16th Jun 2018

Love that this zips up to protect contents. Like the binder style and ability to easily add pages wherever needed. The mesh and other storage systems are nice for postcards and other items picked up at the park gift shops. Got mine in 2016 and came with a handy shoulder strap which I do not see in current description but not a huge deal.
Now for my admission: I do not collect the annual stamp sets. I came to this too late and do not want to spend the money to catch up. I love the free cancellations. I also prefer buying a stamp for each individual park as I visit. Most, but not all sites have these. This way my stamps and cancellations are in the chronological order of my visits, at least within each region. I also visit many national wildlife refuges and was happily surprised that many of these also provide cancellations, so again a plus for expandability.
I also like to jot down brief notes, who I was with, highlights, special memories.....
My request is that they would provide the annual national stamp separately, I would be tempted to collect those!

— Debby Miller

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This was a gift 6th Jun 2018

This was a gift, but the person who received it said that it contains "everything you need." So they were happy with it.

— Sara Smith

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High Quality 28th May 2018

I ordered this passport because I had run out of room for cancellations in my original park passport. I was impressed by the quality of the item. It is more than I expected. Looking forward to using the passport this summer.

— Edsel Worsham

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A National Park Challenge! 16th Feb 2018

I look at this as a challenge to use and fill up with every park represented. We have already started with our recent trip to Joshua Tree National Park!

— Jeffrey Hicken

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Seems like a great product, needs to not be sent via UPS 16th Jan 2018

Great spiral bound passport! I love how new sheets can be added where needed.

My only complaint is E-parks' choice of shipper (UPS). I will gladly pay more money to have any future purchases sent by anyone other than UPS. Two weeks of sitting in the nearby UPS facility! Should have walked to pick it up.

Otherwise, great product!

— Lauren Smith

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New 26th Dec 2017

Gave this as a gift to my boyfriend. I love the layout. The fact that we can take it anywhere safely is a huge plus. Being able to add to it is an awesome feature. We can't wait to put our first stamps in it and get our first cancellations!

— Jaime Fisher

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Explorer 14th Dec 2017

like most people I started with the small passport. I am very happy with the Explorer got my first stamp at George Rogers Clark memorial in Vincennes, Indiana. Lots of room for more stamps

— Ronald Nesler

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Looking forward to traveling with my binder 10th Dec 2017

The passport binder is great and I am looking forward to traveling with it. The only thing that bothered me was that I purchased all the stamp sets for every year they have been available and I was only able to put 3 years in. Not nearly enough pages or spaces to put stamp sets.

— Mary Dalton

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Getting a good start 10th Dec 2017

I had the smaller passport which I bought 2 years ago and it was fine. I loved the portability, it fit in a pocket in my bag and I could always have it with me. However, I am beginning to have more time and plan to travel more. The Explorer edition is a great fit, I can record all the stamps from all of my visits. Although not as portable, the shoulder strap makes carrying it convenient. It also is expandable!!! I love it.

— Theresa Worrell

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Passport to national parks 2nd Nov 2017

I only wish I’d had this years earlier. So many parks I’ve been to but didn’t get a stamp. So now I’m making up time, and planning trips to parks all over the country. I started with the small passport but it just wasn’t big enough. In one trip I filled up a whole region and needed more space, so I like this new one much more!

— Susan Kroesche

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Filling up my Passport binder 14th Oct 2017

I started off with the smaller Passport book but then found out about the bigger binder. The binder is a great option to collect all the park stamps and cancellations. I have been enjoying mine a lot! My only complaint is they need to make it just a little bigger to hold all the stamps & pages with out the trial of trying to keep pages from falling out when binder rings need opening. I have enjoyed exploring our wonderful National Parks with my family!

— Elizabeth Tobias

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I just expanded my goals 28th Sep 2017

I had the smaller passport book and had already filled every space in the Rocky Mtn Region. With so much left to see, I didn’t want to just put cancellations in the back. So this version is an excellent choice. Two suggestions: 1. add an attached handle to the spine of the cover so it can be carried like a briefcase. 2. include clear page protectors or something that allows us to take the pages from the smaller book and put them in the correct region sections in the expander pack , —and lets us see both sides of the smaller page. I ended up cutting small-page sized rectangles out of the center of expander pages and taping the smaller pages in. It works, and I can see both sides—...but there’s probably a better, prettier solution. All in all, I’m very happy I got it. I love all the space! And the zipped up cover is great.

— Jenny Poelman

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Passport to your National Parks Explorer 7th Sep 2017

Great book, my sister-in-law got one as a gift and I really liked it. Was so excited to purchase this, can't wait to start using the book.

— Georgiann Drayer

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Bettie Towner 23rd Aug 2017

I have had a Passport to Your National Parks Explorer for many years. It is one of my more prized possessions. Looking through the pages and seeing the stamps and dates brings back the wonderful and special memories of my visits to various National Parks. I also find that the desire to collect all of the stamps from the individual parks has given me the incentive to seek out corners and areas of the parks I might not have otherwise investigated.

I am so glad that I invested in the Passport and I hope many others do the same.

— Bettie Towner

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