Passport To Your National Parks® Classic Edition

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Put your stamp on every national park experience with the Passport To Your National Parks® Classic Edition! Since 1986, Passport fans have grown to love collecting cancellations from nearly every one of the 400+ National Park Service units. 

This handy travelogue is highly functional, offering color-coded regional maps, need-to-know information about parks, an official NPS interpretive map, and plenty of space for cancellations and commemorative stamps from the annual series. The Passport Classic Edition is an ideal, economical, and portable way to preserve your fondest memories of America’s national parks. 

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Product Details

  • 6'' x 4''
  • Softcover, spiral-bound, 112 pages
  • Park sites color-coded by region
  • Features official NPS map of all park sites

When you participate in the Passport To Your National Parks® program, you help support America’s national parks. All net proceeds from the program are donated to support vital educational and interpretive programs at sites managed by the National Park Service.

Please note that we do not allow Amazon resale of this item. For wholesale inquiries, please call 1-877-NAT-PARK.


Customer Reviews

Average rating:

Lifetime Travelogue 2nd Jan 2024

Purchased before kids and was initially a wish book of all the places to go. The book is an ideal size and with the ability to add pages and stickers when left behind, serves as a family record of visits to great places. Best of all, the dated stamps provide a timeline and NPS enrolls new places to see that it is now an never ending story. Not all the Park personnel are welcoming about the passport but most add to the experience and offer other ways to enjoy the use of the book.

— Robert Kosin

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Passport Book 24th Jul 2023

We just started a mountain states trip, visiting national parks, historic sites and monuments. The passport book is really exciting and fun to work with upon arrival at the many visitor centers that we have entered. I brought this as a gift for my wife to help her remember the places that we’ve been to and she absolutely loves it. So glad this was available to us.

— Michael A Needleman Needleman

Passport Book 9th Jun 2023

This is an excellent way to learn about the state parks as an adult or child that has never been to one.

— Danyele Howell

Best Way to Collect Your Parks 14th Apr 2023

I love my passport. It is a great way to look back as where I've been and remember the day I spent in the park. The book isn't crazy expensive like most souvenirs at gift shops, cancellations are free at the visitor center (and who isn't stopping at the visitor center), stamp pages are only a couple bucks, so it won't break the bank which is really nice. I love that it's pocket sized so it fits in my purse/backpack (or my husbands pocket ha) and I don't have to make space in my house for a trinket, mug, or shirt when I get home. Though the junior ranger books are cute too if you have kids this is a great way to keep track of where they've gone with you and something they can keep as they grow older and continue their journey through life and the NPS.

— Sarah Waring

Cool parks 26th Mar 2023

Easy to use site.

— Kim Early

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great gift 5th Oct 2022

We've been stamping our passport book for 25+ years, dozens of stamps, so many memories. We've bought our adult children their own and this one is for a cousin making a special trip. A national park ranger once told us: if you ever forget your passport book, stamp a piece of paper and add it when you get home. I think they even sell stickers for that purpose now. So many beautiful national parks, and this is the perfect souvenir.

— Ellen North

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Stars 6th Sep 2022

It's really nice

— Silvia Gurin

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Perfect Keepsake for National Parks 10th Aug 2022

The passport book is the perfect keepsake for keeping track of all the National Park visits. I bought one for myself and one for my fiancé. We love them!

— Peter Kapuscinski

2 of 2 people found this review useful:

Great book for memories! 22nd Jun 2022

Bought a passport book for each of my kids, one for me and husband to share, and it was a huge hit! Also got the little passport book zipper bag for them to keep it protected. Was great! Definitely gets us super excited for more traveling!
Also got the bigger book for the family, so we can all take it to the other historic places (monuments, etc).

— Heather Frye

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Park Passport Book 5th Jan 2022

I had purchased these for my daughter’s when they were all young, my oldest (23 years old) still travels with hers! I recently bought this for my 4 year old nephew- who has been traveling with his dad in the summer! He may only have photos and the book to remember he was someplace but it will make for great memories one day.

— Stephanie Runner

4 of 5 people found this review useful:

Great Quality Keepsake 28th Jun 2021

I bought two, one for me and one for a friend who I plan to drag on adventures. It's good motivation for us to get out of the house and MOVE. The quality of the cover and pages is really good, so that you could use this as a little scrapbook if you wanted to. The cover feels like it won't tear, and the pages won't come out without a LOT of convincing. I'd buy them again.

— Lisa Hicks

5 of 6 people found this review useful:

Family Adventures 30th May 2021

We purchased our books before our trip to Acadia NP. They were easy to pack and we had fun to collecting the stamps. Everyone at the park visitors center was helpful in letting us know where to find stamps and providing additional info. We look forward to continuing to use these as we travel.

— Shannon ONeill

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National Parks Passport Program 24th May 2021

I really like this as a way to remember our visits to the national parks. The stamps that you can purchase add to the book as well. It can be used for 5 years which is really nice. It's great that they have added a better binding to it from when they first came out. I have multiples of these books since we started visiting the parks way back when we first got married in the 70's. I forget to bring the book with or don't realize we are going to stop at a park during our travels so I don't always get it stamped officially! But it's a fun way to help remember your visit.

— Carole Vrshek

3 of 4 people found this review useful:

Love them! 14th May 2021

The kids and I loved looking for the cancellation stations and looking for/reading the stamps. The passport gives a listing of available parks in each region. We are planning our next trips based upon the parks.

— Carrissa Flippo

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Just purchased 14th Apr 2021

Planning to visit some of the well known nNational Park first National park is Hot Springs...

— Jose Nicolas

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Passport Books 8th Apr 2021

I had a binder book which I found to be to bulky to haul around. With the small books I have 5 years in each book and I've highlighted the index for each section with the stamp in that section for each year, so when I'm headed some place I can check to see if I have a stamp by looking at the highlighted place.

— Becky Smith

2 of 3 people found this review useful:

Great for family vacation 3rd Apr 2021

We bought these for our 3 kids (and ourselves). After getting them stamped at our first family visit to a National Park yesterday, we're looking forward to many more trips and memories together.

— Susan Ostreicher

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Above and Beyond 1st Feb 2021

I have been saving Passport Stamps since they first came out in 1986. When I ordered the 2021 stamps and a new book, I made a mistake with the order. I e-mailed Support and they quickly - and accurately - corrected the error. The Rep. was friendly and helpful even though there was a price change to my credit card.

— Phil Slagle

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Great Customer Service 21st Dec 2020

I ordered this passport as a gift. I haven't given it yet (shhhh, it's for Christmas!), but I have to comment on the customer service—it's great! My passport was, unfortunately, delivered incorrectly by USPS. It wasn't's fault, but I reached out anyways, desperate to find a solution as it was a gift. They got back to me immediately and sent another passport the next day, no questions asked! They could have easily dismissed my email since the error wasn't on their end, but they went above and beyond. Thanks so much!

— Sarah Schneider

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Love the Passport 28th Nov 2020

As someone who loves to collect stamps in my USA passport, this is a fun way to promote myself and family to be outdoors and to not only explore other countries but our wonderful land here. What a great idea.

— Bryan Akers

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Super handy 4th Nov 2020

I love the quality and organizing each section to a region. Super convenient. I love it!

— Claudia Tristan

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Fun little book 1st Oct 2020

Nice sized to be able to see yet also be able to travel. I felt a little silly asking for my first stamp but the rangers are so friendly I got hooked. Plus it’s not just the parks but many of the historical sites too.

— Denise Owen

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Outstanding Service 13th Aug 2020

I already have this Passport Book, but wanted to purchase one for each of my children. Our local National Park Visitor Center is currently closed, so searched online for a way to purchase two.

The website was easy to navigate and the books were ready to be shipped before the end of the day. Incredible service.

— Lorraine Fisher

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Gift for friends children 23rd Jun 2020

I have one of these books and love it. When a friend told me he was driving out west with his wife and 2 children I decided to get each one a passport book. They are so excited and can't wait now to visit the National Parks and other sites to start filling up their book.

— Elaine Fiore

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Fun celebrating America 3rd Feb 2020

We have used the passport book for years as we travel our great country. When our grandson saw it, being into scouting and hiking, he wanted it for his birthday. He was very excited to begin his own journey.

— Barry Knaub

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Perfect! 21st Dec 2019

This book is perfect! Cannot wait to use it on my next trip! It comes with a map that identifies all the national parks in the country. Inside the book, it’s divided by different regional locations and provides information about several parks. There is a place for a stamp and a sticker for each national park. It’s like owning a national park bucket list! Happy travels!!

I also want to write about the great customer service of the company. When I received my books, one of them was damaged. I contacted the company right away via email and they responded quickly. They sent me a new book the next business day!

— Meaghan Knoll

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Collector's Edition 5th Nov 2019

I can't wait to start using this book, it's sturdy and provides a lot of useful information. Plenty of room for cancellations and stamps.

— Kathleen Little

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Great Gift 24th Oct 2019

I got this for my boyfriend for his birthday. He loved it. In a small way, it represents an experience gift in providing something we can share for years to come. Ordering it from eParks was significantly cheaper than other places for the same product and they shipped the item super quick. Very pleased with this purchase.

— Latasha Yoder

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Passport for the next generation 20th Oct 2019

I got a National Parks Password when I was 12, and I just bought my son 1.5yr old his passport. I still have mine and I still take it with me when we go on vacation. It is one of my treasures and I am excited to help my son fill his with stamps. I love that there are stickers you can buy and get stamped even if you forget your passport. It is fun that the new ones, or new to me, have stickers of the places in each area. I hope we can get all of those filled along the way. I highly recommend getting a passport if you plan on visiting a lot of National Parks, even as an adult I take mine with me when I travel!

— Meghann Hyde

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Joining 20th Oct 2019

Easy to do

— Jennifer Sang

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Enjoying finding the stamps 11th Oct 2019

I really enjoy going to the different parks and collecting the cancellation stamps

— Samanth Berger

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Org passport book. 16th Sep 2019

I love my org passport book but have found after collecting stamps since early 1990’s that I ran out of room and had to purchase a second book. Did not care for the filler pages as they tend to fall out. I will end up taking the two books to a book binder in hopes he can combine the two. I carry the round labels with me as carrying the unyielding books is troublesome. I love my stamps and the memories of the parks but not wanting to start from scratch with the bigger book is problematic.

— Cheryl Cross

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

PassPort 25th Aug 2019

Option to purchase more pages for stamps and cancellations as the idea is to visit and record ALL of them!!
Support ALL Parks!!

— Melodee Fish

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Great 16th Aug 2019


— Larry Keith Vuncannon

1 of 3 people found this review useful:

Money well spent 30th Jul 2019

I purchased two of these Passports for trip. They are well made & exactly what I expected. It was easy to get them stamped. I can't wait to get this baby filled up!

— Joey Rogers

2 of 3 people found this review useful:

Convenient to take along to nps sites 27th Jul 2019

If you are looking to get every stamp and every cancellation, this won't be enough room, for you. It will , however, be the easiest one to throw in a bag and take along on an adventure, so I feel it's worth having. I wish they had devoted fewer pages to the barebone park descriptions, and instead put more pages that can be stamped, but we just cover those pages with stickers and more cancellations.

— Elizabeth McCash

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Classic Passport 26th Jul 2019

Classic is a good starting point. Went to Collectors version later when visits became more frequent as a hobby. Collectors needs expander to update.

— Janice Lorge

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Anniversary gift... 15th Jul 2019

This was an anniversary gift: the goal is to travel all over and get the stamps as a couple. It's the perfect size since it's handheld, but I feel like there should be more space for stamps. I will be ordering the Special Edition with the hopes there's much more space for all parks. At least for our side of the country there's only four pages for the amount of parks we will be visiting.

— Rosalye Guillen

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Our Big Hiking Trip 11th Jul 2019

I bought this for my Girlfriend because we are headed to Colorado to hit some trails and national parks. She loved it and cant wait to start getting it stamped.

— Lester Cruz

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Happy Independence Day 4th Jul 2019

I love going to the National Parks. I want to see all of them and the monuments I’ve been with the Passport program since the beginning I’m on my 5th book plus I have the 2016 one hundredth year book. May you have another hundred years plus.

— Elizabeth A Messamore

2 of 3 people found this review useful:

Great gift! 21st May 2019

I got two passports for two of my friends because they travel a lot and they love nature. They totally loved the se passports!
I'm getting one for myself too!

— Elli Fassois

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Gift for Self and Family 26th Apr 2019

Gave one to my mom, who has recently become an avid mini-RVer. She already has lots more ideas for places she wants to visit after browsing through the booklet! Got one for hubby and myself, and one for each of my teens, so that we can work on filling them out. See who gets there faster ;-) We will have the opportunity in a couple months to get our first stamps!

— Aileen Carlstrom

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Inspiring ❣️ 22nd Apr 2019

I purchased 3 of these for myself & my 2 sisters. Upon receiving them I realized I should have purchased one for everyone in my family...when sharing our experience with they all immediately purchased their passports! The passports are a beautiful inspiration to get out and see the parks.

— Vicky Baesman

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

National Parks Passport Book 2nd Apr 2019

I bought four of these little passport books for gifts for my friends. We are all about to retire in the next 10 years so we are getting ready to explore the National Parks . These make great gifts and as we live in other states and one in Australia and we travel together usually every year these will be fun to fill up. They are quality made and just right for us as we are beginners and didn't know these books existed. I knew about the lighthouse ones but not these. Looking forward to visiting the parks and revisiting ones again to get my book stamped.

— Pamela Hughes

2 of 3 people found this review useful:

Memories 20th Feb 2019

I purchased one to track the parks we camp at. What a great way to remember!

— Leonard Marlborough

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Looking forward 17th Feb 2019

Will be traveling to Wyoming soon . This passport will allow my daughter to remember this trip.

— Carol Horne

0 of 1 people found this review useful:

Passport 25th Jan 2019

Usual great product.

— James Baxter

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

A great gift 25th Dec 2018

Gifted this to my boyfriend as part of his Christmas present and he loves it! A good long term gift to track all the places we travel. We are very excited to use it!

— Rachel Utt

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Christmas Gifts 21st Dec 2018

We had these when my children were little but during the years we misplaced them. I’m getting them for my grandchildren for Christmas.

— Mary Ann Curtis

2 of 2 people found this review useful:

Great remembrances 14th Dec 2018

The passport book with park stamps is a great way to remember visits to national parks. I've even gotten cancellation stamps in the mail from parks visited by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope with my requests. The round stickers sold by eParks perfect for these requests.

— Russ Baker

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

LOVE THIS PRODUCT! 13th Dec 2018

This product is the perfect gift to give any National Park lovers and travelers! I have a Passport book of my own but bought one for a couple getting married at a National Park as a gift. I was shocked they didn't already have one! They plan to spend some time traveling after they get married, so this gift will be a really fun way to help document their trips for years to come!

Not only is the product amazing, but the customer service and swiftness I experienced immediately after placing this order was phenomenal! It was extremely easy to place the order and I received email notifications every step of the way. I received the order within days and was blown away with their efficiency and incredible communication skills!

— Kerry McIntyre

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Awesome Guide 13th Sep 2018

I recently got my Senior Pass for the National Parks and when a friend told me about this guidebook I knew that I wanted to get one for myself. This book along with the companion app is a wonderful tool to explore this great nation and I can hardly wait to fill up my passport. The book has broke the country down into sections of the country to explore and there is a beautiful fold up map that can be stored in the convienent pocket inside the passport book. I especially like that the book has rings so that pages can be turned much easier.

— Kathie Shively

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Sharing the Parks 10th Sep 2018

I will be sharing this with thousands of people! Amazing and simple site

— Mariela Childress

0 of 1 people found this review useful:

Love this book. 7th Sep 2018

Love this book. So fun to read and use at the National Parks and Monuments when on my adventures :)

— Sarah DuHaime DuHaime

0 of 1 people found this review useful:

Greatest Gem of memories 5th Sep 2018

We purchased this book in 1991. It has twenty -seven years of memories for us. And when we are gone, our daughter has those memories. Speaking of our daughter, we purchased a second passport for our daughter...before she was born in 1993. She chuckles now with more than a dozen stamps before her birth. And at the age of twenty-five, she purchased a passport book for her new husband.

We purchased the explorer book in 2009 but we still stamp the little blue book.

— Henry Stanco

0 of 1 people found this review useful:

Totally awesome gift 11th Aug 2018

My mom got this for my recent trip up to the redwoods. I plan on lending this out to my friends so we can fill the book from across the states and share memories! It's totally awesome and useful! I love being able to see all the places where I can get a stamp! I want to try my best and fill it up!

— Teresa Castillo

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Great for traveling, friends, and family 16th Jul 2018

Now retired, we discovered these books while traveling in Alaska. Now we use it to help plan our travels. World travel is great but there's so much to see in America and our National Parks are second to none! As we see the sites and Parks, we make it a point to get cancellation stamps in our passport. It only makes sense to share this with friends and family so we purchased several passport books for gifts. This insures our parks will remain well utilized and appreciated in the future.

— Bp Barlaan

0 of 1 people found this review useful:

Great as a Gift 5th Jul 2018

My wife and I loved ours so much I decided to give one to my brother-in-law as a gift. He is going to be retiring soon and I want him to start planning out places to visit and get his stamps. He loves this book and has already working on his first trip.

— Kenneth Dold

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Great book, and great motivator 19th Jun 2018

We somehow missed that this existed until recently. I bought 3 of them; one for my wife and I, and one for each child. Now we are planning trips to spend a little time in National Parks and get stamps.

The booklet is well made and comes with a nice map. We got ours within a week of ordering so very fast service too.

All in all, very happy with our purchase.

— David Lemen

1 of 1 people found this review useful:

Northern California National Parks 11th Jun 2018

My wife and I were finally able to travel to several National Parks very recently. I preparation, I purchased two "Passport" books to use on our trip. We started with Sequoia NP. We stopped at the visitors center, bought the park sticker, got the stamp and bought the "t" shirts. Then we visited Yosemite, Redwood, Lassen, and Death Valley NPs At each park we got the stamp, sticker, and "t" shirt. and lots of pictures. When we stopped at night I would apply the sticker. I did use the reference in the book to insert Lassen into our trip - perhaps the most impressive park of the five we visited.
Now, I am using the Passport to plan our next trip to Joshua NP, Grand Canyon and where ever else we decide to travel. Overall - lots of fun. Adds meaning to the trip and builds good memories than just driving through and never interacting with the park.

— Carl Bohn

Retirement Dreams 14th May 2018

My husband and I have never been to a National Park and plan to visit them all! The National Park Passport Book is an outstanding tool to help us plan and see them all. Love the passport stamps too!!

— Janice Russell

2 of 2 people found this review useful:

Family Passport 12th Apr 2018

This has become our family adventure! Whenever we are traveling we always try to find where we can get a stamp, even if that means driving 4 hours out of our way to get one. We just purchased the bigger passport recently.

— Donovan Moore

Perfect Gift 5th Apr 2018

It's a great gift for someone enthusiastic about our Parks, affordable, ideal size, easy to purchase and delightful to use.

— Nina Henderson

TABridges 5th Apr 2018

We don’t live near many national parks, so the site made it easier to purchase my pass

— Troy Bridges

0 of 2 people found this review useful:

Inspiration to get goin'! 21st Mar 2018

I bought this for my wife as a surprise since we've been talking about it for a few years. Our hope is that we can use this as a reason to get our friends together and go park hopping. Looking forward to it!

Feels very well made.

— Joey Mollica

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Great Book 14th Mar 2018

This book was purchased for a gift for a friend who will be visiting several National Parks this summer. I bought mine in 2016 when I went my daughter and I did an absolutely wonderful vacation and visited 8 National Parks and Monuments. This book is fun, informative and a keepsake that I hope I will fill with many more stamps!

— Brenda Modery

2 of 3 people found this review useful:

Cute Book 13th Mar 2018

The book was cute, I thought there would be a picture of the park with a place to put a cancellation below but its not. I really did appreciate the customer service though!

— Cheiyenne Jimemez

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Passport To Your National Parks 5th Mar 2018

Would Like to order this book.

— Susan Cabral

2 of 3 people found this review useful:

Great Christmas Gift! 28th Dec 2017

My parents and I are taking a trip to Sedona and we'll be visiting the Grand Canyon, the Petrified Forest and the Painted Desert parks. I have one of these and I love it. Such a great idea and now my parents are excited to have their own to begin gathering records of their National Park visits. Makes for a fantastic Christmas gift. Fast shipping and the best price on the Internet can be found right here at eParks!

— Staci Wood

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

Passports are fun 18th Dec 2017

They give my road trips a new direction.

— Marc Ellis

0 of 1 people found this review useful:

Passport Rocks! 13th Dec 2017

I got these for everyone in our family for Christmas this year and cannot wait to get started working our way through them and planning more and more parks trips as the kids grow. We added the companion guide & park ranger pins for the kids and they are both really good, too! Great quality in the pins, I love that the kids might be able to keep them for a very long time.....if they don’t get lost on the trail, if you know what I mean!? Really great fun - thank you!

— Nicole Lee

1 of 2 people found this review useful:

The gift of Adventure 12th Oct 2017

I bought my own Passport on a recent trip to North Carolina. I decided that I would buy one for each of my adult daughters so that they, and their boyfriends, can start having their own adventures by exploring the National Parks. I feel confident that they will keep & enjoy their passports and have fun collecting their stamps as they travel.

— Nancy Blackburn

0 of 1 people found this review useful:

Awesome Family fun! 26th Sep 2017

I purchased these for my 4 daughters years ago and we always looked for a park near where we visited to get our passports stamped. We also go the opportunity to see lots of amazing sites we might not have seen otherwise. Now I purchase them for my friends and relatives so that they can experience this too.

— Anne Ferguson

5 of 8 people found this review useful:

Gift for Baby Shower 11th Sep 2017

Having enjoyed my national park passport book for years, I've begun giving them at baby showers. The gift is different than the usual clothing or toys, but sets the family up for years of adventures together. The baby will not outgrow his or her passport book, but it will remain with them for a lifetime.

I do not live near a readily accessible National Park, therefore I rely upon eParks send me a new national park passport book through the US Postal Service.

— Kelly Noto

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