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What was it like to ride with Teddy Roosevelt and his Rough Riders and charge up Kettle Hill during the Spanish-American War? You can't go back in time, but you can get a little taste of that time with this bandanna, a replica of the kind worn by Roosevelt's special cavalry. The blue-and-white polka dot pattern bandanna was worn around their necks and was a unique identifier of their unit.

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  • Dimensions: approx. 23'' square


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Bully Bandana! C’mon, you saw that coming... Ha! 16th Sep 2019

This is my second purchase of these bandanas! One in the first go ‘round given as gift to a pal, a horseback rider and a big fan of TR! This time: One to a retired a Dutch soldier (Paratrooper) I am visiting in Holland. This pattern of printed cloth seems to have been favored by “elite” military units. EX: Rough Riders; WWII RAF Pilots; WWII German Paratroopers ( Fallschirmjagers). Me? Former 82nd Airborne visiting sites of WWII’s Operation Market Garden on 75th anniversary. I am writing this in Arnhem! These quality bandanas hold their color, are a value (assisting our NPS) and come with a nice description card. You cannot go wrong - now get yourself a Big Stick!
P.S. Eastern National service center folks were exceptionally helpful!

— James F. Cawley

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Rough Rider polka-dot bandana 27th Mar 2018

The item I ordered is of high quality and arrived before I expected it. Very satisfied and will definitely continue to browse the eParks site for additional items.

— Michael Clark

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Awesome but... 23rd Feb 2018

I’ve been looking for a nice replica of the Roughrider bandanna for a long time. Seems to be well-made but my only complaint is it’s printed on one side only. I would gladly pay much more for one Printed on both sides. FYI I did order 2

— Eric Merrell

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